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    Post  california2003 on Tue Oct 19, 2010 1:16 am

    (#23, 1-0) Utah 56 - (#16, 0-1) Pitt 21

    SALT LAKE CITY - The Utah Utes opened the 2010-11 season today with a visit from #16 Pitt. Utah has fallen behind TCU as the MWC's power team, but this wouldn't stop the Utes from taking Pitt seriously. A win today would but the Big East in its place and put the BCS conference on notice.

    Utah doesn't have much of a running game to lean on, so the offense will depend on sophomore QB Jordan Wynn. Luckily for Utah, it looks like Wynn won't be a weak point. The Utes came out gunning for the endzone and their spread passing attack completely dismantled the Pitt defense.

    Pitt's HB Dion Lewis proved to be quite a headache for Utah's soft run defense and dragged defenders all over the field. Unfortunately for Pitt their passing game couldn't keep up with Utah and Lewis' 98 yards were basically a waste of carries. Pitt's QB Tino Sunseri managed to throw for 217 yards and 3TD, but his number were dwarfed by Wynn's 518 yard 7TD performance.

    Wynn showed serious poise all game, going 23/29 with 2INT, and was nearly perfect in generating the vast majority of Utah's offense. Wynn split passes fairly evenly between senior WRs Shaky Smithson (240 yards, 4TD) and Jerome Brooks (202 yards, 3TD) to blow Pitt away. So far it looks like Utah's offense will be good, but Coach Cal isn't resting on one game. Utah's running game produced 25 yards on 10 carries, not a good sign for the rest of the season.

    Utah won big, but their defense looked soft at times. Pitt had their way with the Utah defensive line despite an array of exotic blitz packages. The Utes did manage 3 sacks, but in the future a 100 yard rusher with an experienced O-Line could be trouble. Scoring 50+ isn't a great game plan if you can't stop the opposing team.

    Passing - J.Wynn (UT) 23/29 518 yards 7TD-2INT
    Rushing - D.Lewis (Pitt) 98 yards
    Receiving - S.Smithson (UT) 9/240 4TD
    Defense - VJ Fehoko (UT) 5 tackles, 2 sacks

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    Post  california2003 on Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:39 am

    (#20, 2-0) Utah 84 - (0-2) UNLV 14

    SALT LAKE CITY - I had a whole thing written up and it didn't save my write up. Nothing much here, UNLV got their teeth kicked in.


    Passing - J.Wynn (UT) 26/32 539 yards, 7TD
    Rushing - E.Wide (UT) 58 yards, 3TD
    Receiving - S.Smithson (UT) 9/236, 2TD
    Defense - C.Black (UT) 10 tackles, TAINT

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    Post  california2003 on Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:34 am

    (0-2) New Mexico 7 - (#19, 3-0) Utah 66

    ALBUQUERQUE - Utah hit the road this week to take on rival New Mexico. The Lobos were not expected to win this one, and it seems their biggest concern would be to avoid UNLV's fate. The Utes have the advantage of facing the MWC's weakest teams to start the season, hopefully it will pay dividends later.

    New Mexico actually found a way to slow down the Ute offense; poor officiating.* The Lobos were able to knock down a few passes and fluster Utah QB Jordan Wynn in the first quarter. Wynn looked off, but he managed to recover and find the endzone four times.

    The Utes were pretty methodical, aside from the shady officiating, and scored two TD in each of the first two quarters for a 28-0 halftime lead. Utah's defense has given up alot of yards, but its been able to force a number of TO. A TAINT off a back pass gave Utah its third defensive TD of the season.

    The third quarter was all Utah aside from a referee assisted 41 yard TD pass to put New Mexico on the board. Two more TD passes put Wynn and four, and then his evening ended suddenly. Ute nation held its breath as Wynn left the field holding his right arm. Terrance Cain came on to spell Wynn who was diagnosed with elbow bursitis and done for the day.

    The fourth quarter was incredibly dull as Utah used a combination of a soul sucking running game and tough defense to end the game. HB Eddie Wide a rumbled all over the field and found the endzone three more times. After fumbling the ball Utah added some insult to injury and kicked a FG as time expired. Rivalry games are a real bitch.

    Passing - J.Wynn (UT) 456 yards, 4TD
    Rushing - E.Wide (UT) 62 yards, 4TD
    Receiving - S.Smithson (UT) 165, 2TD
    Defense - V.Fehoko (UT) 11 tackles, 2 TFL

    *Poor officiating is my euphemism for shit AI. I could write a giant post on how bad NCAA 2011 is, but I'm over it. Just know that the defense AI is crap, and because of it I'm not getting 2012 or any other NCAA for a long time.

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    Post  california2003 on Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:03 am

    (3-3) Iowa State 21 - (#20, 4-1) Utah 56

    AMES - Utah hit the road this week to play Iowa State. This would be an important game coming off a tough loss to Iowa, a game the Utes could have won. Utah stays in the top 25 and drops from 19 to 20, not a disaster.

    This fixture seemed innocent enough, but by the final whistle one team would storm off the field in a furious rage. This game will no doubt cause drama for quite some time, luckily the Utes won or it could have been ugly.

    Iowa State looked very prepared to take on Utah at the start of the game, maybe a little to prepared. ISU used a no huddle attack combined with help from the officials to march down the field and start the game with a 7-0 lead. Utah came right back and QB Jordan Wynn hit WR Shaky Smithson for a 37 yard TD. CB Conroy Black got the ball back with an easy INT on ISU's next possession, and Wynn found Smithson again to make it 14-7. Then the officials really took over the game.* ISU used a suspicious roughing the passer call to extend a drive and managed to score again to make it 14-14 going into the second quarter.

    Wynn found Smithson for his third TD of the game to start the second quarter for a 21-14 lead, but ISU wouldn't back down. After punting the ball away the Cyclones went to the officials to get the ball back. A tipped pass floated high into the air and Utah's WR Martavious Lee jumped up to catch it, but bobbled the ball, and it fell to the ground and was scooped by an Iowa State player. The ball clearly hit the ground, but the officials called it an INT.** The Cyclones drove down the field and used yet another suspicious play to extend the drive, this time an illegal pick.*** Unfortunately for Iowa State the refs couldn't save them when a pitch bounced off a lineman's back and was scooped up by CB Conroy Black who ran it back 83 yards for a TD.

    The Cyclones came back and scored once more to make it 28-21, they just wouldn't go away. This is when things got out of hand. The ensuing kickoff was taken by Smithson and run back 100 yards for a TD after a close call on the sidelines. The initial ruling on the field was a TD, and Iowa State challenged the call. The replay clearly showed that Smithson stayed in bounds, it was very close but he never stepped out, and the refs upheld their initial ruling... but the TD was taken back and the ball was placed on the 43.**** Coach Cal absolutely lost it, and had to be restrained by his assistants. He became so angry he was ejected from the game, stopping play for 15 minutes. After the stoppage Wynn quickly found Smithson for his fourth TD and headed into the half up 35-21.

    Utah - Inside The Utes Utah-ISU
    This held up under review, but the TD wasn't given...
    Utah came out for the second half without their head coach, but it didn't really matter. The officials must have learned their lesson because the second half was all Utah. Wynn found WR Jereme Brooks for two more TD's in the third quarter and put the game away for good.

    The fourth quarter was pretty much eaten up by two soul crushing drives by Utah. They went to the ground and ate up the clock with HB's Eddie Wide and Matt Asiata. Coach Cal was livid at the post game conference.

    "This is [expletive], how do they expect me to sit back and take this [expletive]? The fix was on, and we aren't supposed to notice?! Trust me, I'll be filing a formal complaint with the NCAA over this, we have the game tape, I'll make sure these guys never call a Utah game again."

    Passing - J.Wynn (UT) 496 yards, 7TD INT
    Rushing - A.Robinson (ISU) 48 yards
    Receiving - S.Smithson (UT) 194, 4TD
    Defense - C.Black (UT) 7 tackles, INT, TD

    * One of the CPU's favorite ways of cheating. So when I try to dive at a QB the player slows down (like he is being blocked) goes to his knees, and then kinda dives forward. This makes no sense. This happened, and the QB stepped on my DE's hand for a roughing the passer call. This type of crap happened all game.
    ** Why is it that a WR can't catch a slow moving lofted ball when they are jumping for the ball with nobody around, but a LB can run over and catch it at his toes?!
    *** The CPU's other go to cheat. Two WR in man coverage running drag routes, they cross and one WR takes out the DB following the second WR while the ball is in the air. This is totally illegal and is at least pass interference, but not to EA apparently.
    **** This actually happened. I wish I was making it up to entertain you, but it really happened.

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    Post  california2003 on Sun Oct 31, 2010 12:17 am

    (3-4) Wyoming 0 - (#20, 5-1) Utah 56

    LARAMIE - The Utah Utes returned to the rarified air of the Rockies this week for a trip to Wyoming and conference play. Wyoming has played well, but Utah is on a tear and may be too much for the Cowboys.

    Utah didn't start the game off well as QB Jordan Wynn threw a pick on the 10 after driving 70 yards. Luckily for him the Wyoming offense had little to nothing to offer today. Wynn came right back and hit Smithson for a TD and ran on in later to finish the first quarter up 14-0.

    The Utes sputtered in the second and Wyoming followed suit. Both teams didn't look all that good, but Utah managed a number of long drives that ended in punts. Wynn closed out the first half with his second TD run of the game and headed into the tunnel up 21-0.

    Utah - Inside The Utes 661A0001_1_JPEG_SCREENSHOT_xue

    Smithson's huge day powers Utah.
    The second half was pretty much all Utah. Wynn tossed two more TD, one to Shaky Smithson and one to Martavious Lee, and HB Eddie Wide rumbled for three TDs. The only drama of the second half came on an INT made possible by pass interference, but the refs failed to call it.

    "We made some changes offensively" said Coach Cal after the game, "We have been looking at West Virginia's offense, some others, looking to generate a better running game. We were able to get Jordan [Wynn] more involved in the game, could be better though."

    Passing - J.Wynn (UT) 526 yards, 3TD INT
    Rushing - M.Asiata (UT) 60 yards
    Receiving - S.Smithson (UT) 237, 2TD
    Defense - V.Fehoko (UT) 8 tackles, 2 TFL, Sack

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    Post  california2003 on Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:51 pm

    (#19, 6-1) Utah 35 - (3-5) Colorado State 23

    SALT LAKE CITY - The Utah Utes returned to the friendly confines of Rice-Eccles stadium this week and welcomed the Colorado State Rams. Utah was also playing host to a huge number of prospective players, hopefully the atmosphere and their high flying attack would encourage some commitments.

    This game started out looking like a mundane blowout, even though Jordan Wynn struggled in the first quarter. Despite getting a few passes off target and batted down, he managed to find WR Jereme Brooks three times for a 21-0 lead. Colorado State came prepared to halt Shaky Smithson, but forgot that Utah has two good WR.

    The second quarter is when everything went wrong. Wynn was picked off twice, both on questionable throws.* The Rams took advantage of this and kicked a FG and scored a TD. The Rams were able to force long time consuming drives that always seemed to use a crazy catch on 3rd and long to extend the drives.** A game that looked like a blowout in the making turned into a 21-10 game as the first half came to a close.

    Utah - Inside The Utes 661A0001_2_JPEG_SCREENSHOT_XxI

    Utah's rush defense is becoming a problem.
    The second half was pretty much more of the same. Utah's offense continued to struggle, and Wynn threw two more questionable INTs. Despite all of this Wynn managed to find WR Martavious Lee in the end zone twice. Colorado took advantage of the turnovers and scored once more themselves, keeping the Utah fans on edge.

    The fourth quarter was basically a complete failure for Utah. The Utes tried to run the clock out, but their blocking looked confused and disoriented. If that wasn't bad enough, Wynn threw his fifth INT of the game and earned a trip to the bench. Colorado marched downt he field again, using a series of questionable plays and scoring a TD to make the game 35-23. They failed on a 2-PT attempt and failed an onside kick attempt. Utah went to the ground and ran out the clock, an ugly win against an inferior opponent.

    "I take the blame for them" said Coach Cal, "We have been trying alot of new things on offense, and they just aren't working out."

    Passing - J.Wynn (UT) 498 yards, 5TD-5INT
    Rushing - R.Carter (CSU) 71 yards, 2TD
    Receiving - M.Lee (UT) 250, 2TD
    Defense - M.Martinez (UT) 10 tackles, 3 TFL, 2 sacks

    * This game was ten shades of horse shit. I'm not going to implode here, but this was one of the most bullshit games I've ever played. Lets just put it this way, of my five INT four were total crap. Three of them were thrown two yards behind a WR on a drag route directly to the (well beaten) defender trailing behind him, one in the endzone, and my QB has a 87 accuracy rating.
    ** This shit WR (78 OVR, 87SP, 85 ACC, 64AWR) just completely destroyed my more talented CBs (87 OVR, 97/96SP, 95/90ACC, 85AWR)all fucking game. The guy was catching the craziest shit or my CB's were just running off in random directions.

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    Post  california2003 on Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:18 pm

    (3-6) Air Force 7 - (#18, 7-1) Utah 63

    AIR FORCE ACADEMY - Utah hit the road this week to play Air Force, and things were tense in Salt Lake City all week. Utah's defense has struggled against the run, and Air Force is a powerful running team that beat TCU last week. Utah's offense has been messy, so this game had all the markings of a trap game.

    Apparently Utah has figured things out on offense, and possibly defense. This game was pretty much all Utah all the time. Coach Cal must have lit a fire under QB Jordan Wynn because he was able to shake off his 5INT game and blow away Air Force.

    The Falcons couldn't get anything going, and Wynn found Smithson twice and Brooks once in the first quarter to go up 21-0. The Ute defense played the run superbly and kept their offense on the sidelines for most of the first half. Wynn added three more TDs, including a 73 yard bomb to WR Jereme Brooks, for a brutal 42-0 lead. The Falcons managed to hold together for one scoring drive and went into the locker room, heads down, looking at a 42-7 deficit.

    Utah - Inside The Utes 661A0001_3_JPEG_SCREENSHOT_yPX

    Wynn was surgical in destroying Air Force
    The second half was fairly calm compared to the first, but it appears Utah have found a ground game. Long drives by Air Force kept the Utes off the field, but they still managed to score on an Eddie Wide TD run. Air Force put together another long drive, but a 20 yard TD run was wiped out by a clipping penalty. They failed to score after going for it on 4th and 5 from the 15.

    The fourth quarter was basically Utah running the ball down Air Force's throat. Eddie Wide and Matt Asiata pounded the ball up and down the field, and Wide snuck into the endzone two more times. Wide finished with 109 rushing yards, Utah's first 100 yard rusher of the season. Whatever Utah is doing on offense, they better keep doing it for the TCU game. Wynn threw for 483 yards, mostly in the first half, on just 32 passes.

    Passing - J.Wynn (UT) 483 yards, 6TD
    Rushing - E.Wide (UT) 109 yards, 3TD
    Receiving - J.Brooks (UT) 196, 3TD
    Defense - C.Black (UT) 9 tackles, 2 TFL

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    Post  california2003 on Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:14 am

    (5-5) Notre Dame 3 - (#23, 8-2) Utah 49

    SOUTH BEND - The Utes hit the road this week and faced off against Notre Dame. The battle of Mormons and Catholics would not be a big headline with Notre Dame at 5-4. Utah is coming off a brutal home loss to TCU, basically losing the MWC as well, and they will be without Heisman hopefully QB Jordan Wynn. Wynn's season ended with a broken elbow last week, and the Ute's offense may suffer.

    Utah's Terrance Cain started his first game, and it probably won't be his last. The Ute offense should have struggled without Wynn, but Cain was excellent in his debut. Cain led the offense to a 14-0 first quarter lead on a Matt Asiata TD run and a 28 yard strike to WR Martavious Lee.

    ND's offense couldn't get things going in the first, and things only got worse in the second. The Fighting Irish got on the board with a 36 yard FG, but that was all they could muster. Cain came alive and hit Shaky Smithson twice in the endzone and ran one in himself. The Utes went into the half with a comfortable 35-3 lead.

    Utah - Inside The Utes 661A0001_1_JPEG_SCREENSHOT_SvY

    Wynn who? Cain leads the way in big win.
    The second half was quite painful for Notre Dame. Utah's defense came alive and completely shut down Brian Kelly's offense, holding ND to 108 offensive yards and only 7 1st downs. Cain found Smithson again in the third quarter, and Eddie Wide ran one in to close out the scoring.

    Cain played well, going 18/24, and the Ute offense looked balanced. Whatever coach Cal did a few weeks ago, its working, as Wide enjoyed his second 100+ yard rushing performance. Utah looks to finish out the season 10-2, hoping TCU loses another MWC game, but without a serious shake-up in the rankings a #23 Utah will not be playing in a BCS bowl.

    Passing - T.Cain (UT) 341 yards, 3TD
    Rushing - E.Wide (UT) 119 yards, TD
    Receiving - S.Smithson (UT) 215, 3TD
    Defense - J.Slaughter (ND) 16 tackles, TFL

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    Post  california2003 on Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:05 am

    (4-7) San Diego State 28 - (#18, 9-2) Utah 51

    SAN DIEGO - Utah would go from the cold confines of South Bend to the sunny shores of San Diego this week and take on San Diego State. With two games left in the season, both against sub-par opponents, the Utes look to close out the season in comfort.

    Apparently SDSU didn't get the memo about Utah being better, with home field advantage* on their side, they would make a game of this. Things started off normally for Utah, they completely shut down the Aztec's offense. After two pitiful drives gave Utah the ball in SDSU's half the score would be 14-0 on a Shaky Smithson TD catch and a Terrance Cain run. This is pretty much where all hell broke loose and things got out of hand. A long Utah drive put them on the 2 yard line, poised to score, when Cain was picked off and had to run 95 yards to stop a TAINT.** The Aztecs quickly punched it in for a TD and cut the lead in half.

    The second quarter started the officiating*** shitstorm unlike any seen before. A quick Utah drive put them on the 2 yard line, looking to make the game 21-7, but a 4th down goal line stand gave SDSU the ball on the 2. The Aztecs, a shit team, proceeded to cobble together a 98 yard TD drive to shock Utah 14-14.**** Utah came right back, and in 3 plays looked to take the lead again, but SDSU ripped the ball away from WR Jereme Brooks while he was covering it tightly to get the ball back. Luckily for Utah a bad pass resulted in an INT and the ball back. Not so lucky, Cain threw a questionable TAINT and failed to make the tackle.***** The Aztecs must have been celebrating after the TAINT because they were caught with their pants down on the very next offensive play as Smithson caught a 78 yard TD pass to make the game 21-21 at halftime.

    Utah - Inside The Utes 661A0001_2_JPEG_SCREENSHOT_iBl

    Smithson's huge day saves Utah.
    The second half wouldn't be much better, luckily for for Utah's Coach Cal he wouldn't be on the field to see most of it. Utah had been playing freshman HB Lucky Radley, looking for some speed in the ground game, but he hadn't done much all game. Radley took a handoff, cut to the outside and proceeded to fumble the ball while being tackled.****** The Aztecs quickly took advantage of the turnover and a short field, scoring on a suspicious TD pass.*******
    Utah's Coach Cal completely lost it, had to be restrained by his assistants, and was promptly ejected from the game. The Utes were down 28-21, but they wouldn't give up. Cain marched the team down field and found Smithson a third time, then Utah went for 2 and made the game 29-28.

    The Utes went into the fourth quarter looking to put SDSU away, they would need to stop the turnovers to do it. Cain took his team back down the field one more time and ran it in himself, his second of the game, but Utah failed on a 2PT attempt when Utah's linemen decided to run past all the defenders at the point of attack. Up 35-28 the defense would have to stop SDSU, but they wouldn't start off on the right foot. The Aztecs first play got a 15 yard boost after a dubious roughing the passer call gave them a first down.******** Luckily for Utah the shitstorm ended on the next play when DE/OLB VJ Fehoko forced SDSU's QB to fumble and MLB Matt Martinez scooped it up and ran 37 yards for a TD. The Ute defense came up big one more time and halted SDSU on 4th down to get the ball back. HB Lucky Radley would get to redeem himself as he ran circles around SDSU on their final drive and ran in his first career TD. Just to stick it to the Aztecs, Utah went for 2 and got it.

    No word yet on any NCAA sanctions regarding Coach Cal's outburst. Utah was able to have its third 100+ yard rusher of the season, perhaps the performance of the speedy Radley will keep the sluggish Wide and Asiata off the field.

    Passing - T.Cain (UT) 511 yards, 3TD 2INT
    Rushing - L.Radley (UT) 117 yards, TD
    Receiving - S.Smithson (UT) 357, 3TD
    Defense - M.Martinez (UT) 6 tackles, 3TFL, FMBREC, TD

    * This is, of course, a euphemism for "This game is shit, fuck you EA."
    ** This was actually my fault, but a DE outran a WR (96 speed), a HB (94), only to be dropped by my QB.
    *** Again, euphemism for "Shit AI, fuck you EA."
    **** Pretty standard here, CB's and LB running off in random directions in coverage, turning away from the ball and their man just in time for the CPU to get a pass off. Every single play of over 10 yards could be traced back to shit AI.
    ***** The CB was 1-2 yards behind the WR and fucking teleported 1 yard infront of the WR as the ball approached. Once again, pretty standard cheating.
    ****** I pressed R1 to cover the ball, and my HB spun around and fumbled the ball. I'm 1000% sure I didn't accidentally press O, once again the game found a way to cheat me out of the ball.
    ******* Their QB hit a well covered WR while being drilled. Not just before, but while being drilled. My DE had his arms around him, helmet in his chest, falling backwards, and his arm was straight up in the air and the ball just flew out of the QB's hand like a frozen rope. Quality game.
    ******** More standard cheating. I dive, but my player stalls like he is being blocked, takes a knee, and dives at the ground. The QB steps on his hand, penalty, first down.

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    Post  california2003 on Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:23 am

    (#15, 10-2) Utah 56 - (7-5) BYU 14

    SALT LAKE CITY - Utah returned home for their final game of the season against BYU in the Holy War rivalry game. Utah would need a win today and a TCU loss to take the MWC, but TCU would be hosting New Mexico State so chances are Utah will have to settle for 2nd.

    BYU seemed set on giving Utah a great start was they fumbled the ball away on the first offensive play of the game. The very next play was a 16 yard TD strike to Shaky Smithson from Terrance Cain, giving Utah a 7-0 lead. BYU came right back, using a long drive full of improbable 3rd down conversions to put themselves in the red zone. A defensive error allowed BYU to score when Utah's SS, in man coverage, allowed his man to run 10 yards away and catch the TD.* Utah came right back down the field and Cain found Smithson again to make the game 14-7.

    The second quarter pretty much ended this game for BYU, it was obvious that the Holy War wasn't going to go their way. After a long drive and punt left Utah on their 8 yard line, it looked like BYU might be able to pin Utah in. The Cougars called an all out blitz and failed to cover Smithson, an easy pass found him and he sprinted 92 yards for a TD. Utah scored again on a Lucky Radley 2 yard TD run, and suddenly it was 28-7. BYU put together one more drive with less than a minute to go, but DE/OLB VJ Fehoko put BYU in 3rd and 19 after back-to-back sacks. BYU punted, but they left the deadly Ute offense 33 seconds before halftime. Cain went 4/4 on the drive and found WR Jereme Brooks for a 17 yard TD with 11 seconds to spare.

    Down 35-7, BYU would do their best to pass out of trouble, but Utah's defense came up big. Utah's freshman HB Lucky Radley, who had taken the starting job from Eddie Wide, started the scoring again with a 46 yard TD run. Sadly, Radley's coming out party would be short lived when a broken thumb knocked him out of the game. Wide took this opportunity to get his job back and broke off a 51 yard TD run of his own. As the 3rd quarter closed Utah sat back with a comfortable 49-7 lead.

    BYU made one last charge in the final quarter. Using another miracle drive full of curious 3rd down conversions, the Cougars went 83 yards before scoring on a 10 yard TD run. Utah went back to its new found running game and ate up the clock, adding one more Wide TD run, and closed out the game 56-14.

    Wide set a season high with 140 rushing yards, the loss of Radley will probably not hurt their bowl chances. At 10-2 the Ute's will probably have to settle for lower level bowl, look for Utah to bludgeon their opposition.

    Passing - T.Cain (UT) 305 yards, 4TD
    Rushing - E.Wide (UT) 140 yards, 2TD
    Receiving - S.Smithson (UT) 190, 3TD
    Defense - VJ Fehoko (UT) 8 tackles, 2 TFL, 2 sacks

    * I'm not making this up. They were both standing at the back of the endzone, and the WR ran back to the 1 while my SS stood still. He didn't move until the WR caught the pass.

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    Post  california2003 on Tue Nov 23, 2010 12:00 am

    2010-11 SEASON AWARDS

    The Utah Utes finished with a 10-2 record and a #14 ranking, but ultimately the season was a disappointment. An early loss to eventual #1 Iowa and a crucial loss to MWC foe TCU ended any hopes of a BCS bowl, and the loss to TCU eliminated them from the MWC title. Despite the failures, the Utes go into their bowl game with some hardware.

    BILETNIKOFF (Top Reciever) - WR Shaky Smithson

    Shaky Smithson had an incredible regular season and finished with 87 catches for 2087 yards and 25TD. Smithson outplayed his higher rated teammate, Jereme Brooks, and found himself in contention for multiple awards. Utah was lucky enough to take home the Biletnikoff, and had Smithson not won it they had a safety in Brooks who finished 3rd. Smithson also finished 2nd in the Heisman voting and 4th for the Maxwell.

    BEDNARIK (Top Defender) - CB Conroy Black

    Utah shocked the nation when Black was awarded the Bednarik award. Black is the first DB to take home the award since Charles Woodson won it in 1997. Black had a stellar season for the Utah, leading the team in tackles and INT.

    THORPE (Top Defensive Back) - CB Conroy Black

    Conroy Black hoisted his second award of the season when he was awarded the Thorpe trophy. A player hasn't won the Bednarik and Thorpe since Charles Woodson in 1997, pretty good company. Black had been the front runner for the Thorpe for most of the season, and if he stays at Utah for his senior season he should be the favorite in 2011-2012.

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    Post  california2003 on Tue Nov 23, 2010 12:25 am

    (#14, 11-2) Utah 49 - (7-6) Pitt 21


    SAN DIEGO - Sunny southern California would be the site for a rematch of two teams' season opener. Utah and Pitt would face off again, and the Panthers would be the unranked underdogs today. Pitt surely hasn't forgotten the 56-21 beating they took to open the season.

    Pitt opened this game with a serious case of deju vu, and it wasn't just the opponent. Utah's QB, Terrance Cain, came off the sidelines like a bat out of hell, and helped Utah put this game away before it started. Cain marched the team down field, using a murderous hurry up offense, and Utah quickly scored on a short Eddie Wide TD run. Utah's hurry up spread had Pitt completely turned around, they were not prepared for the Ute offense at all. Cain found WR Jereme Brooks for a 77 yard TD pass on their next possession, and suddenly it was 14-0.

    The second quarter was even worse for the Panthers. Cain and the hurry up offense were about as pleasant as a flesh eating virus. Cain found Smithson twice in the endzone, jumping out to a 28-0 lead and giving the Panthers a headache. Pitt managed to put together a long drive which ended in a Dion Lewis TD run, but Utah came right back and Cain found Smithson a third time. Cain completely eviscerated Pitt in the first half, going 21/23, and went into the locker room with a 35-7 lead.

    Utah - Inside The Utes 661A0001_3_JPEG_SCREENSHOT_aYm

    Utah's Biletnikoff winner had a stunning day.
    Pitt came out of the break with a plan, but it was basically too little too late. After knocking HB Eddie Wide out of the game with a broken toe the Panther defense made a stand on 3rd and 2 and 4th and 2. Pitt took advantage of a short field and scored on their first play with a 39 yard TD run by Dion Lewis. Their progress didn't last long as Utah went to their running game to eat up the clock and score again.

    Pitt would be staring at a 42-14 deficit, and they couldn't really do anything about it. They put together one more TD drive, but Utah completely consumed the clock and punched it in one more time to close it out 49-21.

    Utah would celebrate on the field after the game as Coach Cal hoisted the Poinsettia Bowl trophy. Utah's season all came down to their blistering offensive attack, helmed by two different QBs. It is tough to believe they did so well without Wynn, things could be even better when he returns next season. Utah finished #1 in total offense, #2 in passing yards, #2 in points per game ( 49.8 ), #1 in passing TD, and #5 in rushing TD. They figure to lose 1000+ yard receivers Smithson (2280) and Brooks (1482), but they will have Martavious Lee (977) waiting in the wings.

    Passing - T.Cain (UT) 366 yards 4TD
    Rushing - D.Lewis (Pitt) 139 yards, 2TD
    Receiving - S.Smithson (UT) 193, 3TD
    Defense - G.Williams (Pitt) 9 tackles, 3 TFL

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